Counselling in Penticton & Okanagan Area

My work with couples is focused on the premise that most of us do not have the tools and perspectives to create healthy, empowered, choice-full relationships (How were we supposed to learn these things?–our own parents’ relationship? School? T.V?)

Much of what we are doing in relationships is reacting, rather than responding, to our partners, and they, in turn, react to our reactions. In addition, we choose partners who trigger our unfinished business in the most intense ways. We do so because our partners are the very people who elicit the growth and stretching we need to do to become the best versions of ourselves.

Many couples never get past the power struggle/blame stage, and either remain married and live emotionally disconnected lives, or end their marriage in divorce.

There is another option!  How about a passionate partnership? Or at the very least, more compassion and kindness towards your partner and yourself?

What To Expect:

I encourage couples to see me together for the first session, after which a single individual session with each partner might be advised. Sometimes, I see only one individual in the relationship (perhaps because one partner refuses to come). In some cases, one person working on themselves is enough to transform a relationship.

Session length varies between 60-80 minutes. Couples are free to come in for only a session or two if budget prohibits a longer commitment. They will learn valuable tools and perspectives regardless of how long they come.

During counselling, it’s likely that your connection with yourself, and hopefully your partner, will be deepened, the way you see your yourself and your partner will change, and what you see as possible for your relationship will transform.

You can expect that I will support the decisions and commitment you and your partner have made.


To improve your relationship with yourself (which is the template for all other relationships). To improve your view of your partner and what is possible for your relationship. To work toward intimacy that is built with compassion, realistic expectations, and effective communication.

Or, conversely, if necessary, to create the optimal environment for a respectful, workable separation.